Can you escape in time?

We offer 3 unique rooms! Read the descriptions below to determine what your next challenge will be. 


Vigilante’s Maze

  • 2-4 players

Empire City is under threat. The notorious Doctor Plague has captured the masked vigilante, who swore an oath to protect this city, and is holding him prisoner at the center of a torturous maze. You and your team have made it to the center of the maze and must liberate the masked vigilante so that he can defeat Doctor Plague and save the city, once and for all.

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Sherlock Holmes

  • 2-6 Players

Sherlock Holmes has been working on a mission to find 10 assassins who were hired to kill the Queen. He has found 9, but has disappeared before finding the 10th. He has left Dr. Watson all of his findings in his office. Dr. Watson has asked for your help in locating who the last assassin is and where we will strike. Are you and your team up the task?

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The Alchemist

  • 2-4 Players

The Alchemist of Spirit’s Hollow lives far above town in his Manor, where none dare venture. Rumors have long circulated that arcane experiments are conducted in the Alchemist’s Manor. Now, color is slowly draining from Spirit’s Hollow. You must enter the Manor of the Alchemist and use your wits to decipher his enchantments so they can be undone. But hurry! In an hour’s time it will be too late, and Spirit’s Hollow will remain colorless forevermore.

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